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Logo design, branding, Website Design

Vagelis Bakas - Designer

A creative designer with a strong passion for design and detail, with experience in residential, hotel and all types of commercial projects.

The Challenge

Vagelis Bakas, as a passionate designer, deserved nothing less than a branding identity and a internet presence that could elevate his name and his work to the most promising young designers in Greece and abroad.

The Inspiration

In order to give an architectural feeling at the visual identity of Vagelis, we used simple, minimal lines that give the sense of the architectural design.

Logo Design

The result was a minimal, linear, yet memorable logo
that defines the name of Vagelis Bakas as a modern and creative designer

Website Design

For Vagelis Bakas’ website we chose simple lines, a lovely geometric sans serif font and subtle animations that create a playful mood to the user. Duotone layout, a typographic style and wide spaces give the user the opportunity to focus his attention on the designer’s works.

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