Island Villa Project


Modern Style, Minimalist

Project type

Residential interior & Exterior Design


Mykonos, Greece

The Villa is located on the west side of the suburbs of Mykonos Chora.


The villa layout did not make proper use of footprint area and massive structural elements were identified as few of the major challenges for the refurbishment. I proposed to remodel the Living room, Bedroom, and the whole exterior space completely.

Material Palette
The material palette is mainly borrowed from the island’s architectural heritage.
The Bedroom
Oak Wood, Bamboo and white Myconian stone have been used throughout the master bedroom. White marble for flooring and pale shadowed yellow for the walls kept the living experience calm and totally aligned with the Aegean sea view outdoors.
A concrete couch with a large mattress pillow by the left side of the bed beside the window was designed to offer a quiet spot for relaxation.

At the right side of the bed a mini bar was designed to cover all resident’s needs and offer a warm wooden spot to the whole feeling of the room.

The wardrobe was designed with a stripped bamboo cover to give a summer sensation.

Across the bed a plain stand, a mirror and a television set on the wall were selected to complete all the resident’s needs.
The Exterior
Following the Indoors concept, White Oak Wood, Bamboo and white marble have been used outdoors to create the ultimate gathering place for friends and family during the summer.

Wooden Chaise Lounges with grey pillows by the pool were chosen to offer plenty relax summer moments.

A matching pool bed with grey water resistant mattress was designed to offer a comfortable lounging area.

White Oak Bistro Set and a Bamboo hanging chair outside the living room under the wooden pergola on the white marble patio turns the pool area into a summer oasis.

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