Community Center

The Scope

In order to reach vulnerable members of society and be accessible to urban vulnerable populations, Elpida Home has opened a new community center located in the heart of downtown Thessaloniki. We are looking to give a lifeline to vulnerable groups and act as an entryway into communities and a better everyday life through a variety of services. We have been operational and have been providing services since January 2019.

The Opportunities

Our community center serves as a sustainable integration hub from which a range of services can reach Thessaloniki’s most vulnerable communities. The aim is for communities to access these services and engage in available programs and opportunities for their own empowerment. Through both local and international NGO partners and facilitators, vulnerable groups have access to legal representation and counselling, health support and psycho-social support. In the future we will be hosting a child friendly space, vocational training and seminars to support our beneficiaries on their journey to accessing the labor market, social inclusiveness and overall productive citizenship.

The Space

The community center consists of a ground floor and a first floor totaling to 410 sq. in total. The legal support, mental health support and health support offices along with a conference room are on the first floor. The size of the community center provides us with ample space in order to provide a multi-purpose integration hub. Our mission for this community center is for it to be able to contribute to the vitality of the vulnerable communities in Thessaloniki. We believe that it is only through sharing our space with like-minded partners and relevant stakeholders that we can make a long lasting, sustainable impact.

Afghanistan Evacuation Mission

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Stratigou Mprantouna 5
Thessaloniki 54626, Greece

Tel. 2310 530026

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