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The Mission

Afghanistan Evacuation Mission: September 2021- present

Since the end of September 2021, Elpida Home has been assisting in the temporary resettlement of 318 evacuees from Afghanistan to Greece. These at-risk Afghans were evacuated thanks to the efforts of our founder, Amed Khan, who liaised directly with the Greek government to facilitate their safe, temporary entrance to Greece.

The Greek government created a safe corridor for those being evacuated from Afghanistan – primarily former members of parliament, judges, lawyers and their families – before their subsequent resettlement to other countries, including Canada, through bi-lateral referrals by the US government. Greece is an EU country, which allows easier relocation processes to take place with the support of Elpida Home, the local implementation partner.

The groups in question consist of 17 female Afghan MPs, 4 judges, as well as numerous activists, medical professionals and their families, all of whom were on the Taliban’s death lists upon the fall of Kabul. Elpida Home is responsible for the entirety of the wellbeing of these evacuees, while delivering critical legal assistance for their visa applications for Canada and/or the US. To date, Elpida Home has helped 228 individuals complete and submit visa applications to Canada.

The Scope

The project began in September 2021, by initially supporting a group of 57 evacuees. The list of evacuees were referred by the organization Mina’s List, awaiting resettlement to Canada. Afterwards, more evacuation flights followed.

The project’s scope is to provide all basic needs and wrap around services to evacuees until they are resettled at their final destination. The scope extends to housing, food & cash assistance, health care, non-formal education, protection and legal support. The main goal of this project is to provide dignified resettlement for a group of 318 Afghan evacuees, currently housed in Athens & Thessaloniki.

All families are provided with high-quality services which meet all of their basic needs through the duration of their stay in Greece and resettlement in their final destination country, resulting in their ability to actively participate in their resettlement process and begin to rebuild their lives.

The Assisting Services

Split between Athens & Thessaloniki, Elpida Home has been assisting the groups with the following services:


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Medical & pharmaceutical support

Our medical team consists of our medical coordinator and our cultural mediator who work tirelessly to meet the health needs and help overcome challenges our beneficiaries face on a daily basis.
  • Medical case management

  • Access to the Greek public health system

  • Accompaniment to hospitals and clinics in Athens

  • Health case follow ups by Elpida Home’s Medical Coordinator

  • Provision of all necessary pharmaceuticals & medicine

  • Management of difficult medical cases with long-term/chronic diseases

  • Provision of temporary P-AMKA (social health numbers)numbers for all individuals in order to schedule COVID vaccinations

  • Scheduling of & payment of COVID rapid tests (lasting 48 hours) which as of November 19th, are necessary (for those unvaccinated) in order to enter any public space (hotels, banks, offices, restaurants, cafes, conference halls)

Legal Support

  • Support & case follow up for all those seeking resettlement in Canada. Liaising with various embassies & the IOM

  • Supporting with visa application forms to Canada, USA and other EU countries

  • Issuance of Greek temporary visas

Transport/Logistics & accompaniment

Elpida Home covers the full cost of any and all transportation needs the group has had and may have in the future:

  • Meeting with Greek civil society

  • Meeting with Greek government officials (President, Prime Minister, Minister of Migration)

  • Conference Attendance (Athens Democracy Forum)

Community empowerment & support

  • Working with the community to establish good relations

  • Establishment of “parliamentary” meetings amongst the various groups

  • Post Traumatic Stress & Mental Health Support

Project Partners & Supporters

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Our Sustainable Integration Hub

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