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Myst Olive oil

Logo design, branding, packaging design

Myst Olive Oil

Logo design, branding and packaging design, for the first ever premium olive oil with 24 karats edible golden flakes.

The Challenge

We were challenged to design a logo that could promote the premium quality of the olive oil, the uniqueness of the edible golden flakes, while enhancing the design of the bottle.

The Inspiration

The logo inspiration came from the smooth fluidity of “nature’s gold”, the olive oil and the drop shape design of the vessel.

Logo Design

The result was an organic design which, through simplicity, paired naturally with the overall design of the bottle

Package Design

Alongside with the design of the packaging for the MYST olive oil series we designed the gift sets AEON GOLD and AEON SILVER.

Brochure Design

For the company’s needs we designed a brochure that could communicate the premium status of the brand.


Golden Novum Design Award
In the Packing Design Category.

The A’ Design Awards 2017
First Place (GOLD) in the Packaging Design category.

Myst Ultra Premium Food won and was ranked #50 position to the GLOBAL HALL OF FAME FOR DESIGN.

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